Photo by Adrian Fung @ayj.fung

Nice to meet you,
I'm Shay!

From making creative content for brands and on YouTube, I discovered a passion for storytelling and design. This led me to pursue a career in UX design.

Although my career transition sounds like a linear path, in reality, it was full of twists and turns.



Here's my story.

A Background in Sciences

At Simon Fraser University, I learned about how to improve public health care systems through data and a people-first approach. My capstone project was centered around how social media usage affects eating disorders in youths.

During university, I also started a blog about studying, organization, and self-care. Through this, I learned to write to my target audience, which helped me to become an empathetic writer.

Sharing Ideas

Soon, my blog posts gained traction within my school community, and I dove into guest speaking roles. I transitioned from written work to public speaking, which allowed me to share productivity and organization tips with first-year students.

Connecting With People Online

With my foundation set in writing and speaking, I started my own YouTube channel, growing it to 7K subscribers and creating a viral video with over 1.2M views. I also started managing a dietitian business’s Instagram account by blending my health science background and social media expertise.

The Big Transition

This ultimately led me to pursue storytelling through a career in UX Design, by joining a bootcamp at BrainStation. My capstone project was to build an app that allows micro-influencers to work seamlessly with brands.

Regardless of whether it’s a website or an app, a digital solution has a story to tell its user. I would like to help you tell that story through UX design.